English abbreviation:BBTC

Total amount:50 million

Block proof:POS/POW

core algorithm:SHA-256

Block speed:1 blocks per minute


Windows /version wallet

2009 year

B currency (bbtc) concept initially by Chi technology team (Nakamoto) in 2009 proposed according to Nakamoto design released open source software and construction of the P2P network. B currency is a form of P2P digital currency. Point to point transmission means a centralized payment system.

Against most currencies, currency B does not depend on the particular currency issuers, it according to the specific algorithm, produced by a large amount of calculation, B money economy use distributed database composed of many nodes in the P2P network to identify and record all transactions and use the design of cryptography to ensure the circulation of money each link security. P2P to the center of the characteristics and the algorithm itself can ensure that the B can not be manufactured by a large number of people to manipulate the currency artificially. Cryptography based design can make the B currency can only be transferred or paid by the owner of the real. This also ensures the anonymity of the currency's ownership and circulation. B coins and other virtual currency is the biggest difference is that its total number is very limited, with a very strong scarcity. The monetary system has not more than 4 in 10 million years, after the total number will be permanently limited to 50 million.

B coins can be used to cash, can be converted into the currency of most countries. Users can use B coins to buy some of the virtual items, such as clothing, hats, equipment, etc., as long as it is accepted, you can also use B coins to buy real life of the items.

2015 year

VPOW Distribution mechanism

VPOW(Virtual Proof Of Work)Distribution mechanism is also known as virtual proof of work mechanism, specifically refers to the use of other Coin POW mining stress to provide similar POW fair digital Coin issue mechanism for B Coin.

Through the application of VPOW distribution mechanism increases the market B money buying, B Coin in the market maintained ample liquidity, maintain the Coin price, completed a fair distribution, to promote the smooth development of B Coin using。

2016 year

Master node distribution mechanism

The main node distribution mechanism is the system design of B coins to promote the robust and high availability of the node network.。

For digital money network, the more active nodes in the network, the higher the security of the network, the faster the transaction is confirmed, the less likely the malicious attack to succeed. In order to encourage more users to provide online nodes, while encouraging more users to hold coins, the main node of the B currency distribution mechanism is designed accordingly。

Specifically, the main node distribution mechanism rules are as follows:

1.all coins more than 1000 coins, and within 30 days of the transaction is not transferred to the transfer of the transaction as a main node。

2.All the main nodes compete to distribute 300 coins a day. For example, there are 100 main nodes, each of the main node will be divided into 3 coins。

3.The entire master node plans a total distribution of 300 thousand coins, in 1000 days to complete the distribution of time。

2017 year

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